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A social music platform that makes you money
Cutting to the chase

Psst...We think it’s time you stop doing stuff for free.

Sorry for cutting to the chase, but, us, it's true.

After spending a lot of time with musicians, managers, labels and music associations, we realised there wasn’t a real way for musicians to make money from existing platforms — so, we put our hands up to work on a solution.
Klef provides the platform for musicians and fans to connect on a new level.

Convert your fan love into income, no strings attached. Klef is new revenue stream for musicians that didn’t exist before.

For the love of music, Klef is a social music platform reimagined.
“Musicians love a side hustle, and this is the platform for it” - Jamie N Commons
“Klef is awesome because I’ll get even closer to my fans and earn more money from my art” - Nahli
“We’ve used a few platforms. Klef is the perfect mix to help us take requests on our terms” - The Horne Section
Whether you’re emerging or signed, Klef is made for all types of musicians.

If you have a fanbase, you can make money using Klef.
Cutting to the chase

Klef at-a-glance.

Fans have multiple ways to find, explore and connect with you on Klef.
Fans can explore and find content that suits their musical taste.
This is where the magic happens. Fans can book, request and shout you, ultimately creating an entirely new way for you to make money from your fanbase.
Make Klef yours by customising your profile through our Artist dashboard. Turn features on/off when it suits you, based on your schedule.
Cutting to the chase

Set your price,
get paid.

We’ve made it easy and fair for musicians to start making money on their terms.
For you
We’ve put musicians at the forefront.

You control your prices and requests, books and shouts, and you're free to change them at anytime.

On Klef, you'll keep 80% of your gross earnings (we take 20%). Add your bank details, get paid monthly.
By the way...Apple and Google currently take 15% of the net earnings. If this changes, we’ll always pass on the savings to you.
By the way...Apple and Google currently take 15% of the net earnings. If this changes, we’ll always pass on the savings to you.
Klef gives you new ways to connect and engage with your fans on your terms.

With our 3 core features, you can invite fans to Request, Book & Shout.
What you can do on klef


Record and upload requests of original songs, covers,remixes, b’day treats, celebrations, shout outs, AMA’s& more...
Cover / Remix
Take song requests from your fans, record them at your convenience and upload directly onto Klef.
Happy Birthday
Make someone’s day and wish (or sing) them happy b’day.
Ask Me Anything
Interact with your fans by posting simple video replies to their questions and make your fan’s day!
Celebration Video
Share a special moment with your fans.
What you can do on klef


Go LIVE on a virtual private gig, meet and greet, birthdaycelebration, songwriting session, guitar lesson or singalong...
Meet & Greet
Say hi, hang out and make memories with your fans around the world!
Birthday Call
Make someone’s day (and probably year) to wish them a Happy Birthday
Virtual Gig
Take your music to your fans wherever they may be (pool party, anyone?)
Get paid for your fans to “pick your brain”. Whether it’s about how to achieve the perfect harmony, or have a chat about life, consultations are the perfect way to pass on what you know and get closer to your fans.
What you can do on klef


We’ve made tipping more meaningful and fun.
Fans can show their love and support with a token of appreciation with Shouts.

You can customise shout options across a number of categories to suit your personal preferences. This gives your fans more meaningful ways to “tip you”. You receive the nominated shout value in cash, giving you another way to make bank.
Endless Opportunities

How to
make bank
on Klef 🤑

Whether you’re a full time musicianor music is your side hustle, thereare lots of ways you can makemoney on Klef.
Check out how you can spend your time to earn from your fanbase 👉🏼
Singer Songwriters
How Billie could make $1,452:
Billie can spend approx. 8 hours per month doing:
  • 2
    Intimate gigs ($110/20 mins)
  • 2
    Cover song ($180 each)
  • 4
    Happy b'days ($20 each)
  • 8
    Meet & greets ($25/5 mins)
  • 4
    Guitar lessons ($60/30 mins)
  • 24
    Shouts received ($8 each)
Duos, Groups
& Bands
How Katie & Co could make $2,710:
Katie & Co can spend approx. 11 hours per month doing:
  • 4
    Virtual gigs ($300/45 mins)
  • 3
    Cover song ($250 each)
  • 7
    Happy b'days ($50 each)
  • 10
    AMAs ($20 each)
  • 35
    Shouts received ($6 each)
DJs &
How Joe could make $3,937:
Joe can spend approx. 13 hours per month doing:
  • 3
    Private sets ($400/45 mins)
  • 2
    Remixes ($650 each)
  • 9
    AMAs ($25 each)
  • 6
    Meet & greets ($75/5 mins)
  • 3
    Consult sessions ($150/20 mins)
  • 52
    Shouts received ($6 each)
Management made easy

The Artist

A place to manage all of your
fan interactions.
Making Klef yours is seamless. Turn features on and off with a simple flick of a button. It takes no time to customise your Klef profile to suit your schedule.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Klef for Artists dashboard - the Artist Studio.
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Securing your Klef profile is easy. Simply download Klef on the App Store or Google Play and sign up. You’ll never be charged a fee to access Klef.
Create your Klef artist profile
Make Klef yours. Fill out your bio (tell people your story!), select and customise features and set your prices. Your profile will be verified by our Klef Artist Team.
Spread the word and tell your fans
Once verified, it’s time to start making bank from what you love doing most! Spread the word and tell your fans to check out your Klef profile.